Tim Moreau Advocates for the Rights of Seniors to Competent Care in the Lake Norman Area

Nursing homes owe a duty of care to elderly patients who reside in their facilities. When that care is substandard or patients are subjected to abuse, the consequences can be devastating. Many of these senior residents suffer from ailments that prevent them from speaking out or have no family members to advocate for their welfare.

Elderly residents of nursing homes are at the mercy of those responsible for their care. Abuse and neglect in these facilities, unfortunately, happen all too often, for a variety of reasons: nursing home staff may be poorly trained and often poorly paid; they may not be thoroughly vetted before being hired; and the facilities may be understaffed, compromising patient care.

Typical injuries to look out for that can result from violations of the state and federal regulations that govern nursing homes include bedsores, falls and broken bones, choking, and malnutrition/dehydration. 

While the signs of physical abuse and neglect are more obvious, the signs of emotional abuse may not be as evident but are just as significant. Nursing home residents who suffer emotional abuse may become withdrawn, depressed, listless, and unresponsive. If your loved one shows any of these signs, it's important to act immediately. The cases can be complicated and therefore it is advisable to consult legal counsel.  Call (704) 837-4037 or contact us online to schedule your consultation. Our office is in Cornelius.